Hircine's Gift
Greetings Master Claws,

I feel it important to let you know that I am… changed. In many respects I am still the same Tiberious you have come to know. However I am now something… more.

It began shortly after my trip to your home in Bangkorai. I was able to acquire several furnishings that suit my suite in Alinor quite nicely. For that you have my thanks. But it was upon leaving your place that my latest adventure truly started.

I feel it important to let you know that I am… changed.

The packing of furniture took a bit longer than anticipated, and we did not leave your home until the evening hours. I’m not certain if Glenumbra is always this gloomy feeling, or if I’ve just been spoiled by the lovely Summerset weather.

Gloomy Bangkorai

In any case, we headed towards Evermore to catch a boat back to Summerset. But shortly after leaving I was jumped by one of the members of the caravan I had hired. He started muttering under his breath, and then began a low, rumbling growl.

Before I knew it he had attacked me! I defended myself with lethal force, but at some point during the scuffle it seems I had sustained an injury. He must have bit me. The wound wasn’t that of a clean blade that’s for certain.

It seems I had sustained an injury. He must have bit me.

I didn’t really think much of it at first. Just a random act of violence. However as we approached Evermore, I could feel something wrong inside of me. As we approached the gates, a strange woman came up to the caravan. She said she sensed my ‘blessing’ and that if I was to explore this gift, I would need to follow a scent from her glove.

Arriving at Evermore

At first I thought she was suffering some form of madness. Until I was able to do exactly what she described. It wasn’t exactly like being able to “see” the path. But it was something that I had no difficulty following.

I told the caravan master to carry on without me, and paid him a bonus to ensure my belongings arrived securely without me. That taken care of, I followed my nose.

I followed the path back for hours. All the while my insides alternating between fire and ice. Not with sickness, but with raw power. The longer I continued, the stronger I felt.

The path led me straight to a daedric portal. Fear gripped me for just a moment. Terror at what might follow. But my future lay inside. I could feel it in my very bones. So I took the leap, and travelled through.

A Daedric Portal

I found myself in one of the most serene pastures I’ve ever been to. Like the quiet calm before a great storm. I heard the call of birds, and the babble of water running nearby. A stark contrast compared to other daedric realms I’ve been to.

Nearby was a Nord named Songamdir. He explained that Hircine required a tribute, and that I was to kneel before the altar. I’d come this far, I decided to see it through. So I knelt.

Altar to Hircine

What happened next can not be described on parchment properly. I thought my blood ran hot before. This was like my veins became fire itself. And the pain! Indescribable. My hand shakes at its memory.

My bones began to stretch, grow and reconfigure. Fur sprouted from my entire body. And my face! Oh, my face! It elongated and became a muzzle. My cries of pain becoming an unearthly howl. But all the pain was followed by power!

I heard Hircine say I must hunt. He required a great tribute. So I hunted.

A tiger fell to my claws. A poor tribute.

Next, a crocodile. Better, but still not the great prize needed.

Finally, I spotted a gigantic snake. That was certainly a kill worthy of Hircine. I studied it. I could smell it from where I stood. I took note of its path. I needed to be quick and fierce. And then I made my move. I tore the flesh at the base of its neck. My claws at its throat.

My kill. A tribute worthy of Hircine.

It didn’t have a chance to even know what happened. Just that death had found it. I had become death.

I howled. It came naturally. I wanted to let all realms know that my kill was good. Praise be to Hircine.

The pack arrived and I joined them in devouring my kill. Its’ life to sustain mine. And so Hircine was pleased. I joined the pack, and the pack become stronger.

I joined the pack and the pack became stronger

I returned to Nirn. Changed. Stronger than before. This is a gift. Hircine’s gift. I will use it well.

I hope you will retain this information for yourself. Fortunately I remain in control of my transitions to my wolf form. So there is little fear that I will harm anyone accidentally. I will however treat this gift as another of my adventuring skills. It will serve me well.

As for what happens next, I’m uncertain. I did finally arrive back at the Golden Gryphon, and set up my accommodations. But I feel that I may not be using them for awhile. I’ve got the urge to wander some. Perhaps I’ll ride my horse and see where it leads me.

I shall remain in touch as I am able.

Tiberious Maximillion III