Chapter 2

  • Room at the Golden Gryphon A New Home - Greetings Master Dread-Claws, I am still reeling from the events that transpired here in Summerset. However life has begun to settle, and I have returned to a routine of study in all forms of crafting. With your assistance, I anticipate being able to master the basics soon. I understand that is really only the beginning [...]
  • Crafting Writ Board Crafting Writs – Common Patterns - Salutations Tiberious, I was very pleased to hear that both you and the fate of the world are safe. All thanks to your efforts. It is no small feat to go toe to toe against a Daedric prince and survive. Let alone leave victorious. In regards to your request for furniture. Gladly will I grant [...]
  • Hircine's Gift Hircine’s Gift - Greetings Master Claws, I feel it important to let you know that I am… changed. In many respects I am still the same Tiberious you have come to know. However I am now something… more. It began shortly after my trip to your home in Bangkorai. I was able to acquire several furnishings that suit [...]