Sweatshop & Secret Garden

A writ house. A home with every single craftable set? Mundus stone? Transmute station? Yes please! From the moment I saw one, I knew that I wanted to have my very own. The only issue was how to actually going about making one.

My crafting machinery has been in progress on since I started this game, and at the beginning of this year I finally truly maxed out my main. I learned every style, trait and have even completed every achievement in the crafting section. So I felt I was in a good spot to start collecting the writs needed to start this house.

I also have a dozen characters, about half of which have the potential to drop master writs for me. So between what dropped for me each week, and what I was able to find in the guild traders at a reasonable price, I figured it might take me around a year to gather what I needed.

The process was long, but with the help of a few friends I was able to complete everything 3 months ahead of schedule!

Now that I was able to finally collect all 59 attuneable sets. The only question was, what house to use?

I decided to go with the hall of the lunar champion. There was definitely enough space in moongrave fane for the sets (even if I had to build multiple levels). And the hall of the colossus made for a great open area to have at the target dummies.

The main room got transformed into the hallway you see at the beginning of the gallery to guide you to either entrance, and now thanks to character pathing, it even has my pocket watcher patrolling the hallways!

The main room is sweatshop themed. Designed to be as bland as possible. There’s something tedious about crafting writs, and I wanted to capture that feeling when you were there. I’ve tried to make it as efficient as possible though. Since that’s really what crafting is all about.

And of course it’s not one of my homes if there’s not a little something extra. I discovered a small gap in the back of my building that allowed me to create a secret garden. The garden itself I find pretty meh, but I’m a big fan of how my sanctuary room ended up.

It’s got trees that drop blossoms, fireflies, one of my favourite antiques (the mirror) and even blackreach tv.

All in all I’m happy with the way everything turned out, and am extremely glad to see the backside of this particular project. Who knows what I’ll tackle next!