Feland Demarie

Greetings Master Dread-Claws,

I am still reeling from the events that transpired here in Summerset. However life has begun to settle, and I have returned to a routine of study in all forms of crafting. With your assistance, I anticipate being able to master the basics soon.

I understand that is really only the beginning of my path. There is still much to learn after the basics. Many different styles to learn, and of course my progress on researching the traits is already well underway. I expect that shall take quite some time before that task is truly complete.

Room at the Golden Gryphon

I did want to mention that I have managed to acquire a base of operations here in Alinor. It turns out that some brochures were being handed out that sent me to speak with Feland Demarie at the Golden Gryphon.

She seemed to already know who I was and mentioned that I had done a great thing and that I would likely go on to do something greater. Who am I to argue?

I would likely go on to do something greater. Who am I to argue?

I was offered a room to stay at completely rent free. Feland suggested that by me simply staying here, it would boost the quality of the rest of her rentals.

Room at the Golden Gryphon

Since I needed lodging, and the price is hard to beat, I decided to accept. Although I may not remain there all the time, it’s good to know that I’ve got a home to rest and seek shelter while I’m here.

I recall you saying once that you had a warehouse of sorts in Glenumbra with some excess furniture. The room is rather small and would require very little furnishing to be useful. With your permission, I’d like to travel there and see if there is anything useful for my new abode.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Tiberious Maximillion III