Spoiler Warning!King's Haven Pass Ruins

Greetings Master Claws,

I made my way to the Illumination Academy to warn the Tower Sentinels about their danger, and wouldn’t you know it, Raz was already there. It amazes me that he always knows where to find the trouble.

There is also something decidedly strange going on in town. People are acting.. Strangely here. Unfortunately I will have to leave that for another day. The safety of the tower comes first.

Illumination Academy Guest Wing

Raz suggested we check out the guest wing. Seemed reasonable. Especially since I didn’t have any better suggestions. It turned out he was right. The pair had arrived a few days ago, but only one of them stayed.

I guess being an eye to the Queen has its perks

The servant we spoke to told us that she had not seen the sapiarch in several days, but we were free to examine the room should we want. I guess being an eye to the Queen has its perks.

After a thorough examination of the room, we found a note with a hidden clue in it. It was a rather simple puzzle, which once solved revealed a hidden doorway and the Sapiarch behind it. She had a feeling they were being hunted, and we confirmed that was likely the case.

Entrance to King's Haven Pass

Her companion had gone to King’s haven, an old ruin a short ways away. I decided to go find him, and Raz stayed there to “help the pretty Sapiarch”. I’m sure he’d not like me to phrase it this way, but Raz can be such a dog sometimes.

I made my way to the old ruins in search of the other Sentinel, and I did manage to locate them. Near the entrance I ran into a Breton woman named Naliara who needed my assistance. Some goblins had stolen the pack of notes she was taking for a fellow named Mehdze.

Raz can be such a dog sometimes

She had been taking notes for his recital at the Illumination academy. Some epic about great battles between the High Elves and the Goblins. She did not seem impressed, but without the notes she would have to spend another several weeks gathering the information again. By her description, that did not sound like a pleasant task.

Inside the Coral-Splitter Caves

As I made my way through the nearby caves, I managed to locate everything she was looking for. She asked me to deliver both the notes and her resignation. After meeting Mehdze, I figured out why. Stendarr’s mercy what an annoying individual. He just assumed I was just going to take over for Naliara as his assistant.

Now I’m not one to slack on my adventuring, but I do have a Sapiarch to locate, and a crystal tower to protect. I had also yet to locate said Sapiarch, so I agreed to assist him complete his work in the meantime.

Inside the Ruins

We were actually able to locate a section of the ruins that contained some historical information about the goblins and elves. Nothing about a great battle though. Most of the documents were about land surveys or settlement agreements.

After we had read all we could find, Mehdze found himself left with a choice. Write his ballad so that it agreed with local stories and flatter the elves, or write the truth, and be despised.

Based on what I’ve experienced so far in Summerset, I figured they would likely hate him anyways, so I advised that he tell the truth. I’d also generally suggest the truth over lies in any case.

With Mehdze off on his way to perform his story for the elves, I continued searching for the other Sapiarch. I was able to locate him just as he was being sucked into what looked like a portal to oblivion. At his aid was the golden knight.

Sapiarch being pulled into a portal

Fortunately, the knight was able to keep the Sapiarch from being pulled into the portal. Unfortunately it meant that the knight himself was pulled through. Not only that, but the Sapiarch died from the spider bite he was poisoned with anyways. So I guess this is mostly just bad news.

One piece of good news was that I was able to gain the second resolute diamond from the deceased Sapiarch as well as a strange gem left by the Knight.

The Sapiarch succumbed to his wounds

I also managed to locate another of those Skyshards in the cave in my travels. I feel just on the cusp of a learning breakthrough through them. Perhaps if I find one more I’ll know for sure.

I shall return to Arteum to inform the Ritemaster of what I’ve learned. Perhaps he’ll know what to do next.

Tiberious Maximillion III