Spoiler Warning!Leythen

Greetings Master Claws,

While I have been reflecting, the ritemaster has slowly been remembering more about his lost memories. He remembers a faint woman’s voice speaking an ancient language older than all of Tamriel. He’s certain whatever she is saying is the key to understanding where it was he hid the heart.

Oriandra studying notes

Unfortunately he has no idea what it says. So he put Oriandra to the task of studying the memory. Which she did in great detail. The only thing she could determine was that there was a similar language located near the ruins of Ebon Stadmont.

I'm not entirely convinced that the mad god Sheogorath isn’t also involved here

I’m not entirely convinced that the mad god Sheogorath isn’t also involved here, because it turns out that they just happen to know a language expert. And that expert was Leythen. Not only that, but because there was no other leads, they wanted me to take their notes to him to see what he thought they meant.

I went to where he was supposed to be, and on my way in, I overheard him and Val having an argument. She left, and when I started to talk to him, he seemed almost remorseful. Of course he then immediately told me he didn’t like me, so it didn’t change my opinion of him very much.

A room in Ceporah Tower

He was willing to help with the notes though. They said that the writing was carved into a massive stone in the Ebon Stadmont woods. We wouldn’t be able to bring it back to him from there, but he gave me a rune that would let him see the stone once we reached there.

Off I went. Did I mention that the woods is cursed? At least that has to be better than spiders. Right?

I’ll head off immediately, and update you again once I’ve located the stones.

Tiberious Maximillion III