Crafting Writ Board

Salutations Tiberious,

I was very pleased to hear that both you and the fate of the world are safe. All thanks to your efforts. It is no small feat to go toe to toe against a Daedric prince and survive. Let alone leave victorious.

In regards to your request for furniture. Gladly will I grant you anything you require. I will send word ahead to expect your arrival at my warehouse in Glenumbra. Please take anything you need.

I was also pleased to hear you are continuing along the path of becoming a master crafter. And now that you have mastered the basics, I may be able to assist you further.

Today I’ll explain some of the patterns I have noted while fulfilling daily writs. They may appear to be random however they are anything but.

After having completed a few of them already, you may have noticed that there are repeating patterns for each. For example, if you are creating clothing, you will often be asked to make a set that includes a Robe, Breeches and Epaulets. Other days you will be asked to make Shoes, Hat and a Sash.

This is the first pattern that must be learned. These sets of three components make up the foundation of the rest.

Beyond these patterns there is also what I’ve noticed to be related sets. I have designated these sets as either a Magic, Stamina or Health set. Once you have identified one piece of the set, the others will always be the same.

Of course, learning these sets takes time, and will require some practice and memorization in order for you to be able to perform these tasks quickly and efficiently.

I have provided the list below as a reference point to use while working.


ClothingRobe, Breeches, Epaulet
BlacksmithingCuirass, Greaves, Sword
Woodworking2 Restoration Staves, Shield
Jewelry3 Rings
EnchantingGlyph of Health


ClothingBracers, Helmet, Arm Cops
BlacksmithingHelm, Pauldron, Dagger
Woodworking2 Bows, Shield
JewelryRing, Necklace
EnchantingGlyph of Stamina


ClothingShoes, Sash, Hat
BlacksmithingSabatons, Gauntlets, Greatsword
WoodworkingFire Staff, Lightning Staff, Ice Staff
Jewelry2 Necklaces
EnchantingGlyph of Health

You might have noticed that I did not include provisioning or alchemy writs in these lists. That is because the writs vary greatly depending on your skill level.

I suggest as you are learning these skills, you create the items required each day. However, once you have mastered them I suggest you stockpile around 20 each time you run out and hold onto them. As a fully skilled alchemist and provisioner it is possible to make up to around 4 times the items with the same materials as a novice. That way you very seldom actually need to create new items, but just use some you have previously created.

After some practice, you will find that your writs can be fulfilled more efficiently and therefore significantly faster than they would if you were required to constantly reference the writ for every item.

I hope these tips will assist you along your journey towards becoming a master crafter.

As a note, you will no longer be able to locate me in Summerset. I have relocated my base of operations to Vivec City. The city is currently under construction, however the crafting area is fully functional.

Safe travels.