Grand Master Crafter Dread-Claws

Salutations Tiberious,

Thank you for your prompt reply to my posting. I look forward to your arrival. In the meantime, I have provided a contract for you to review. If you find it agreeable, please sign it and have it returned to me at your earliest convenience.

I (Dread-Claws) shall provide the following services:

  • Instruction in the following crafts until you are considered a master in each of them: Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Clothing, Alchemy, Enchanting, Provisioning and Jewelry
  • Progressively better adventuring weapons and armour as your skill increases. Style will be determined based on material availability.
  • Appropriate Food/Drink and Potions to keep you fighting fit.
  • Weapons, armour, and jewelry with specific traits for you to research.
  • Intricate weapons, armour, and jewelry for deconstruction. Until these are mastered.
  • Materials required to complete your daily writs.
  • Inventory management. Every time you visit me, I will ensure that you always have the most space available in your inventory to collect more loot.

You (Tiberious Maximillion III) shall provide:

  • Regular reports on your adventures.
  • Raw materials for me to process.
  • Master writs you receive for completing your daily crafting writs.
  • Surveys received for completing your daily crafting writs.
  • Duplicate motif pages.
  • Duplicate rune boxes.
  • Loot of superior quality or better.

Please note that you will also retain all monies collected from the sale of inventory to a non guild merchant.

Dread-ClawsTiberious Maximillion III

I hope you find this arrangement to be in both our best interest.

I look forward to hearing about your adventures, and your wares.

– Dread-Claws