Spoiler Warning!The Mind Trap

Greetings Master Claws,

First, allow me say that I find the terms of your arrangement to be most satisfactory. You will find a signed copy of the documents enclosed. As per the agreement, I will begin by providing a tale of my latest adventure, unexpected as it was.

My boat made port in Shimmerene rather late in the evening. Eager to get started, I acquired a steed and immediately set out westward towards the city of Alinor. What I had not considered was the mental and physical toll the trip had taken on me. My weariness grew so great I almost fell asleep in my saddle.

Fortune seemed to smile upon me as I found a well protected ruin to rest in for the night. What followed was not something I could have foretold.

I did indeed fall asleep. Yet when I awoke, rather than being in the moss covered ruin I slept in, I was instead in some bizarre land. It appeared to be part coral reef, and yet the sky was filled with the most unusual organic matter the likes of which I have never seen. Beyond that, a sea of unfamiliar stars.

“Perhaps I am in a dream” I tried to convince myself. It seemed plausible, given the state of exhaustion I was in prior to falling asleep. But this was certainly no dream. Things, while surreal, were solid to my touch. And the pinch or two I gave myself did nothing to change my situation.

Not one to shy away from an adventure, I decided to explore my immediate surroundings. I discovered I wasn’t alone. The ghostly form of an elf called out to me. She told me I was in danger and that she would assist me in escaping this place. I hoped she was telling me the truth. I also fervently hoped I hadn’t managed to lick the back of a strange toad causing me to hallucinate and run around like a lunatic through the center of town. Naked. Again.

Perhaps I am in a dream

Following the elf, I made my way through this dreamscape. She gave some advice on how to wield a weapon. I also managed to scavenge some armour from some fellow adventurers who were not as fortunate as I. Their need for it had passed anyways.

Off in the distance I spotted a rather phallic looking tower. Being the only structure visible made it as good a spot to head to as any other. So off I went. Hacking and slashing my way through strange sea creature after creature.

About halfway to the tower I came upon a bit of a drop. Well I say a drop. But what I mean is a rather large cliff. The only way forward was to jump.

That was the first real test to I faced to see what I’m actually made of. Not what I’m literally made out of. Although if I hadn’t hit the water just right, that’s exactly what we may have found out. As it stands, things went swimmingly. I stuck the landing perfectly, and all of my bones remained unbroken.

From the base of the cliff, I got my first good look at the tower. My elven companion said it was my way out of there. I will admit that while being in that realm was interesting at first, by then I was wet, sore, covered in monster juice, and absolutely ready to get the divines out of there.

I arrived at the gate and made my way inside.

There was a small floating pearl at the center of a large cavernous chamber. The sphere was dark as the night sky, and filled with its own set of stars. How very unusual.

Just my luck, there was also a giant frog creature in the room. And it then summoned a giant spider monster. How lovely. Have I mentioned I have a touch of arachnophobia yet? I hope there’s no more of these things along the way. Not that I couldn’t handle them of course. Nobody messes with a Maximillion and gets away with it. They do make my blood run cold though.

There was nothing for it but to rush the creatures and hope for the best. Several panic inducing moments later, I found myself still alive, and unharmed. The spider creature extremely deceased and the large frog nowhere in sight.

Victory was mine! I smashed the pearl into a thousand tiny pieces, and that’s when I woke up. I was in the same ruin as when I initially went to sleep. My elven companion there in the flesh. Her name is Oriandra and she said she’s with some group called the Psijic Order. I’ve never heard of them before. Then again I’m not from around here.

Victory was mine!

She told me that her order picked up their whole island and sent it packing to another plane of existence. They don’t normally visit Tamriel, but she was investigating some mind magic in the region. She explained that I had been captured in something called a mind trap by the frog creature K’Tora.

Honestly, it sounded like I’m not the only one who licked a toad or two, and if I hadn’t experienced it myself, I may not have believed her. It sounds like something out of a children’s tale. In any case, I was lucky to have her around. It would have been an awfully short adventure if my brains had been sucked out in my sleep before I even managed to get started.

I’m safe for now. I will continue my journey and continue to keep you updated on my progress.

– Tiberius Maximillion III