Spoiler Warning!Magical Arteum

Greetings Master Claws,

Before I tell of the events that happened at the sinkhole. Allow me to express the sense of wonder I experienced at my arrival through the portal to Arteum. The sky is all the shades of dusk, and two full moons can be seen far closer than I am accustomed to.

The stars shine bright and leave their marks upon the air in almost every direction. Truly this is a magical place. In the distance, a tower looms high in the sky. It is reminiscent of the tower from the mind trap. Perhaps the two are related.

In the distance, a tower looms high in the sky

I made my way across the island to the tower, where I met up with Ritemaster Lachesis; Head of the Psijic Order. I explained about the pearl that we found, and he mentioned that it may be related to a threat that Sotha Sil warned about.

Some Clockwork Machinery

Daedric Princes, mystical islands and now talk of living gods. This adventure is quite full of marvels, but I fear I may be in just a touch over my head.

The Ritemaster used some magic to retrieve the history of the pearl. My experiences with the pearls was somehow helpful to assist him. I’m not familiar with this type of magic, so I’ll have to take their word for it.

Projections from the Past

The ritual worked, and we got a glimpse of what is going on. The past images projected above a pool of water, and the story played out for us to see. It seems that the Aldarch belonged to an alliance of Daedric cultists called the Court of Bedlam. Clavicus Vile, Mephala and Nocturnal all seem to be working together in some nefarious plot.

So not one, but three Daedric Princes. Just the exact opposite of what I wanted to hear.

The cultists talked about something happening to a town called Rellenthil, just west of Shimmerene. The Ritemaster told Valsirenn and I to go check it out. We left immediately, although if allowed, I may have spent more than a little time on the island. It is so peaceful and serene here. It’s a strange backdrop to the events that are taking place back home.

Clavicus Vile, Mephala and Nocturnal all seem to be working together in some nefarious plot.

But we had to go, so off we went. Back to Nirn, and the town of Shimmerene. And wouldn’t you know it. Raz was there already. He also seems to have a nose for sniffing out trouble.

I followed Raz to Canonreeve Farmeldo’s house just in time to see his son storming off in a fit of anger. The Canonreeve told us that there have been three reports of disappearing people this week, and his son and friends have been cavorting around the large sinkhole. That makes it seems like a good place to start our investigate to me.

The Sinkhole

We found a cave entrance and made our way inside. As we arrived, a woman was rushing out. She said something about the Canonreeve’s son Nedoril attacking someone, and something about creatures. Seemed like I’d get some more practice with my weapons after all.

We found the high elf that the woman was yelling about. He had indeed been stabbed by Nedoril. He was also a member of the Court of Bedlam, but thought it was all just for a bit of fun. Until Nedoril took things too far. He told us there was some kind of creatures that were going to be released into town and then died from his wound.

We investigated further into the cavern, and from the safety of some rocks, we spotted the Sea Sload K’Tora talking with a hooded person. Val said they haven’t been seen in summerset for centuries, but I politely disagree. I’m certain that’s the same one that tried to mind trap me. It’s probably difficult to tell one giant sea frog creature from another, but I’ll never forget that ugly face, or the sound of its voice.

K'Tora and a Hooded Figure

There was also a lot more of those pearls in the area. They seemed to attract Yaghra. Which are some of the ugliest creatures I’ve ever had the displeasure to look upon. Val sent me to go dispatch the pearls. I gladly complied. They were no match for my blades at all. I truly feel myself becoming proficient at using these daggers.

After taking care of the pearls, and the monstrosities that they brought, we left the sink hole to find Raz again. We told him that the Sea Sload K’Tora was working with the Court of Bedlam. And that included the Canonreeve’s son.

He rushed off to the Canonreeve’s house, and we followed.

It took some convincing, but eventually the Canonreeve understood that his son was indeed a traitor. What I was not expecting was Raz dealing such swift, and brutal justice. He killed the son where he stood. But he is the Queens Eye, and cannot permit a traitor to live.

Death for Traitors

With this new knowledge in hand, we returned to Arteum to inform the Ritemaster what happened. It seems that the he has had a run in with this particular sea sload before, but thought that he had dealt with the problem in the past.

We shall see what the Ritemaster does with this newfound information.

Tiberious Maximillion III