Spoiler Warning!College of Psijics

Greetings Master Claws,

Invasion! The yaghra invaded the island! Just what I needed, a whole beach full of spider monstrosities. I shudder at the thought. Not only that, but the pearl that was brought to Arteum had been moved, and was attracting more of these creatures to the beach. Worst of all is the fact that the Leader here seems to have some lost memories. It’s not very reassuring.

The Ritemaster asked me to come with him to the College of Psijics, help him destroy the pearl, and shut down the portal. As we made our way to the beach, the Ritemaster confided in me that something isn’t quite right with his memory.

On the way to the College of Psijics

He remembers defeating K’Tora, yet the sload is still alive. And he has a vague memory of moving the pearl from the tower himself. He is several hundred years old though, so perhaps that’s just what happens to memory after a century or three?

There seemed to be no end to the bad news

We fought our way into the college to see what we could find. The way was blocked by some strange reddish webs. They got cleared by a strange golden knight who vanished immediately after. I think I saw a glimpse of him earlier too. I wonder who he is.

Strange red webs blocking my path

The Ritemaster went ahead of me and managed to get himself captured by K’Tora in the college. Fortunately Valsirenn had followed us. She said that the sea sload was using one of the relics called B’Raken Drel to boost his mind magic and flip through the Ritemaster’s memory the way you or I would flip through the pages of a book.

Inside the College of Psijics

She gave me a ward key and sent me off to look for another relic called the Ul’vor Staff so that she could counteract the Sea Sloads spell.

I fought my way through the College, killing lots of those spider monsters. They chill my spine each time I have to approach them, yet at this rate, I may be able to free myself from this phobia through exposure alone.

At this rate, I may be able to free myself from this phobia through exposure alone

Once I’d located the relic and brought it back to Val, she used it to have me once again enter the Sea Sloads mindscape. As I made my way through this fantastic world once more, I found myself presented with several of the Sea Sloads memories.

Watching K'Toras memories

Through these, I discovered that K’Tora made a deal with the Daedric princes, defeated the Ritemaster, and forced him to hide the Heart of Transparent Law until a later time. Which I can presume actually means right now. Once the instructions were set, he used his magic to wipe the Ritemaster’s mind and release him.

I made my way through these memories, saw my chance, and took it. Val said that K’Tora would be more vulnerable in this state, and she was right. That ugly, fish stinking grub never stood a chance. He may have magic on his side, but my blades made short work of the nastiest frog I’ve ever seen.

My blades made short work of the nastiest frog I’ve ever seen

Once the deed had been done, I used the staff to exit the mindscape. The sload was finally deceased both in his mind, and in person. Good riddance to foul smelling rubbish.

Good riddance to foul smelling rubbish

In my excitement about surviving my battle, I had not even noticed that neither Val nor Ritemaster Iachesis were nearby. In their place stood one of the largest Dark Elf I’ve ever seen.

I’d seen his image in books before, so I recognized immediately that this was Sotha Sil. But his actual presence is.. Something else. Quite mechanical.

Sotha Sil

I told him what I learned during my time in the mindscape, and he mentioned that he thought the crystal tower was too tempting a target for the Daedric princes. I had never heard of the Tower before now. Probably better to not advertise your defences though, so that makes sense.

He suggested I go check on the Ritemaster, and based on the state I last saw him in, that didn’t sound like a bad idea.

Fortunately I found him well and recovering. He explained that the Heart of Transparent Law is the source of power for the crystal tower. The crystal tower is what protects the island of summerset from danger. With the heart removed, the towers defences will slowly weaken.

Leaving Arteum Once More

He still doesn’t remember where he hid the heart, and needs the assistance of the College of Sapiarchs to help him. I’ve been asked to secure permission from the Proxy Queen in Alinor to enter the College.

It looks like I might finally able to meet you in person!

Tiberious Maximillion III