Crafting writ drop off location

Salutations Tiberious,

I look forward to your arrival in Summerset shortly. In order for you to be fully prepared for your arrival, I will now explain the basics of crafting.

There are 7 different crafting skills. They are as follows:

  • Blacksmithing (Heavy Armor / Weapons)
  • Clothing (Light / Medium Armor)
  • Woodworking (Staves / Shields / Bows)
  • Jewelry (Rings / Necklaces)
  • Alchemy (Potions / Poisons)
  • Provisioning (Food/Drink)
  • Enchantment (Glyphs)

I recommend you get certified in all of these. There are 3 people you need to talk to to make that happen.

Danel Telleno is across the bridge just outside of the crafting center in Alinor, but in other cities is often located near the mages guild. He can help you get certified in Alchemy, Enchanting and Provisioning.

Danel Telleno

You can typically find Millenith outside the Mages Guild and she can certify you in Clothing, Woodworking and Blacksmithing.


You can get your Jewelry certificate from Felurian. He is located outside the Crafting center in Alinor.


The process is not particularly difficult, but they will each teach you the fundamentals of how to locate and refine materials. As well as how to create and deconstruct items.

Equipment Write Board

Once you have your certifications, you may complete one writ per day from the Equipment or Consumable writ boards. Each will have a specific requirements for items that you will need to create in order to complete the writ.

A fireplace for Provisioning

Doing these writs will advance your knowledge in each of the 7 crafting skills.

Alchemy Station

Primarily though, you will work your way to becoming a master crafter by deconstructing equipment and weapons that you find while adventuring.

Woodworking Station

As per our contract, I shall also provide you with any intricate pieces as they will help you maximize your abilities the fastest.

Blacksmithing Station

You will also want to start researching different traits as soon as possible. This process will take a significant amount of time to complete, so the sooner begun the better. At first, you can learn from pieces that you collect. As you progress though, I will craft pieces for the traits you are missing.

Clothing Station

For every type of weapon and armor you may learn one of 9 different traits. Every time you learn a trait for one type of weapon or armor, the next trait will take about twice as long. So initially you will find that this goes rather quickly, but as you get to the end it can take a substantial amount of time.

Jewelry Station

The last item you should start as soon as possible is learning as many styles of gear as you can. These can be learned by reading motif pages that can be found or purchased at guild traders throughout tamriel. There are many and it can take some time to find all of them, so you should begin this as soon as you can as well.

Enchanting Station

That should get you started on your path towards becoming a master crafter. I look forward to seeing your progress towards your goal. As well as hearing about all your adventures throughout Tamriel.


P.S. Once I am able to take your measurements, I shall craft you a set of gear to help you on your way.