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Greetings Master Claws,

Allow me to express my gratitude for your most helpful introduction to crafting. I realize that I have a long path to take in order to truly master this craft. But I am confident that I shall be able to achieve this feat under your tutelage.

I would also like to give thanks for the brand new set of gear you provided to wear while adventuring. I can already feel myself being able to defend myself with much greater ease due to its exceptional fit.

Here is an update on my travels since last we parted.

Royal Palace in Alinor

Proxy Queen Alwinarwe was expecting my arrival, as the Ritemaster had already sent word. She greeted me with all of the charm I have come to expect from these elves. Which is to say she was so haughty it made my father seem like a lowborn stable boy by comparison. Cold as she was, she at least granted me permission to access to the College of Sapiarchs in Lillandril.

Travelling to Lillandril

After an uneventful travel to Lillandril, I arrived at the entrance to the College of Sapiarchs and found Valsirenn, who was having difficulty gaining access on her own. I let her know that the Proxy Queen had sent word to let us in.

Lillandril from outside

She did seem rather distracted though, so I asked her what was wrong. It seems as though her husband Leythen had gone missing. That’s who she was looking for when we first met. They had a daughter who passed away, and after that the two of them drifted apart.

When the Ritemaster learned of the Daedric threat, Leythen volunteered to investigate. Which it sounds like he did, right up until the point where he disappeared. She wanted to focus on the task at hand though, so I didn’t press any further.

Portal to the Sapiarchs College

As we took the portal to the College, I could tell immediately that something was wrong. Dead elves and daedra all over will have that effect. Based on what the survivors told us, the Daedra appeared and started murdering everyone in sight.

I gave the warning to the highest ranking elf I could locate, who told me I should try and find Sapiarch Larnatille somewhere inside the compound. Which after fighting with some remaining daedra and looking around we were able to accomplish.

Death in the College Gardens

I even had to take on another of those gigantic spider monstrosities again. Strange how it starts to feel normal. I truly feel I am well on my way to conquering this fear once and for all.

We explained who we were, and the warning we were told to give. It was only then that we were told the only way to access the tower was with the resolute diamonds.

I truly feel I am well on my way to conquering this fear once and for all.

Those diamonds are protected by a pair of tower sentinels, who presumably will be the next targets to be attacked. I have not included their names here as their identities should remain a secret.

She also asked us to take the cultist they captured with us.

Val and her husband Leythen

When she found out who the cultist was Val became more than a little bit upset. Her husband hadn’t disappeared at all. He had just switched sides. He said he served Mephala now, and called himself an Earl in the Court of Bedlam. She used a spell of binding on him while his attention was elsewhere and will bring him back to Arteum to face justice.

He said he served Mephala now, and called himself an Earl in the Court of Bedlam.

I would NOT want to be him right now.

I must be off to go warn the sentinels now. As per our agreement you will find the extra materials I have collected enclosed . I hope they find you well.

Tiberious Maximillion III

A Skyshard!

P.S. I noticed a strange glow outside Alinor’s gates as I left. Upon closer inspection, I determined that it was what people refer to as a Skyshard. As I approached, I felt the knowledge of nirn flow through me. I shall seek more of these strange rocks out as I feel they will assist me greatly as I learn my craft.