Spoiler Warning!The Dreaming Cave

Greetings Master Claws,

I returned to Arteum to speak with the Ritemaster. It’s his belief that the gem I retrieved from the Golden Knight is called the Dawnstar, a component of the Dawnbreaker sword. Which in turn would make the Golden Knight a champion of Meridia. We may have an ally in this Daedric Prince. We could definitely use the help.

The Ritemaster also had some news regarding his missing memories. He was able to use some scrying magic to recall some of what was hidden from him. He was able to see himself with the Heart of Transparent law in a place called the dreaming cave.

Portal in the Dreaming Cave

In his memory, he entered a portal, and returned some time later without the heart. He’s still unclear what happened between the time he left, and the time he returned though.

he entered a portal, and returned some time later without the heart

He took me to the cave below the tower and explained that the Dreaming Cave can be used to open portals anywhere in Oblivion, and beyond. Yet the path he tried to open was blocked by Daedric magic. He was hoping that the Dawnstar gem I brought back could be used to dispel the barrier.

Unfortunately on its own, the gem doesn’t hold enough power. It will need the full Dawnbreaker sword at the least. In order to get that, we’ll need Meridia’s help. The Ritemaster asked me to speak with Leythen to see if he can help us locate some of Meridia’s priests.

Leythen and Valsirenn

Leythen may be the snarkiest person I’ve ever met. First, he chided me for thinking that all daedric cultists knew each other, and then proceeded to tell me that he has it on good authority that there is a shrine to Meridia hidden north of Shimmerene, and that it had been wiped out by members of the Court of Bedlam.

So in this case he did know, he’s just being a jerk. I suppose being imprisoned by the people you betrayed will have that effect on an arrogant, testy, cult leading elf.

So in this case he did know, he’s just being a jerk

Val reminded me that Raz said he was investigating Daedric cults on Summerset. She also said that he was in Shimmerene at last check. So that’s where I am off to next.

As always, I shall continue to keep you updated on my travels. You will find your materials enclosed.

– Tiberious Maximillion III