Spoiler Warning!Golden Knight in the Spiral Skein
Greetings Master Claws,

Raz was in Shimmerene as anticipated. After a bit of a skeever chase around town following some graffiti, I was able to track him down. He was unsuccessfully trying to pull some information from some followers of Peryite.

Skeever Graffiti

When I told him what we learned from Mephala’s cult leader Leythen regarding the destruction of Meridia’s temples and he grew rather concerned. He has a friend who worships Meridia and her temple was located somewhere in the Etin Nir Grotto.

Northward we went. It was a bit challenging to locate the entrance, but when we finally did, we were greeted by Raz’s friend. Quite fortunately unharmed.

Razum-Dar's friend Sadara-do

I was told to go in via the main entrance and fight my way through the many daedra that Mephala and Nocturnal’s followers left behind after they attacked. She said it was “so I wasn’t worried about her while I was defending myself”.

I’m not really certain how that logic works, I mean she could have also brought me by whatever safe route her and Raz were going to take. Ah well. I must often remind myself that I chose this adventurous path.

Inside the Eton Nir Grotto

Once inside the grotto, I ran across a member of the thieves guild, Seeks-the-Dark. His apprentice was inside when it was attacked, so he didn’t have much hope that she was alive. But he said he’d pay me to collect some tokens of Meridia and whatever was left of his apprentice.

A bit of extra coin in their pocket never hurt anybody

I was heading that way anyways, so why not keep an eye out? Plus a bit of extra coin in their pocket never hurt anybody.

Raz’s companion was right. There was indeed a lot of daedra still milling about. I’ll be a blade master in no time if I keep up this level of practice.

Erilthel wrapped up in spiderwebs

I even managed to find Seeks-the-Dark’s apprentice. Alive, but covered in cobwebs. I freed her from the trap she was in and she quickly trotted off saying that she thought Seeks would be worried sick about her. I didn’t say anything. Maybe he’ll pretend he was. It didn’t seem my place to contradict her.

A little further in I found the entrance to Meridia’s shrine. Inside was a large hall and at the end a statue of Meridia with a strange glow all about it. And then it spoke to us.

Meridia Speaks

She wanted to know what brought us there. I explained that we needed the Dawnbreaker sword, and that it was taken along with the Golden Knight. She was less than pleased.

We were told that the Golden Knight’s name was in fact Darien Gautier. That he is her vessel, and that we should rescue him from Mephala’s realm; The Spiral Skein. She said that he will be able to repair the sword that we need.

I may need to find an alchemist to give me something to calm my nerves

Just after she told us this, she said that her realm was under attack. Then the light faded and she was gone.

That doesn’t sound horrifying at all. Entering a realm run by the Daedric Prince that is basically just a large walking talking spider lady. I may need to find an alchemist to give me something to calm my nerves before I go.

Third Skyshard!

On my way out of the Grotto, I even managed to find a third Skyshard. This was definitely the one I needed to unlock some previously unknown knowledge. It felt somewhat magical, as if a font of awareness flowed from nirn itself into my consciousness. I shall use it to hasten my skills at crafting and will continue to look for more along my travels.

I met up with Seeks-the-Dark, gave him his Meridian coins, and he gave me some gold ones in exchange. His disregard for his apprentices life still irks me, but who could expect a member of such an unsavoury guild to have any honor.

Knowing where we needed to go to acquire the Dawnstar gem, I returned once more to Arteum to inform the Ritemaster.

This next part I find myself reluctant to say much about. Not that there was any issues actually getting to the Spiral Skein. The Ritemaster used the Dreaming Cave and sent us directly there.

Cave of Spiders

But upon our arrival at this cave of spiders, Val and I got separated. And where I arrived was covered in webs. Hundreds of the sticky, restraining, unearthly cobwebs left by an unfathomable amount of spiders. My skin simply crawls at the memory.

My skin simply crawls at the memory

I had a strange bit of Deja Vu of that moment where I stood upon the precipice inside the Mind Trap. There were two choices. I allow fear to control me, and I stay still until taken by who knows what, or face my fears, continue on and play the adventurer once more.

It brings me great pride to say that I choose the latter. Forward I went. Fears be damned. After a good look around the area I was able to locate Valsirenn. She had already been captured by a creature. She was covered head to toe in webbing.

Valsirenn wrapped head to toe in webs

Once she was freed we fought our way towards a light where we also located the Golden Knight. His captors had him trussed up like a prized pig in some farmers festival. But instead of a spit, it was the center of a ginormous web.

My blades made quick work of his captors, and we cut him down immediately. We also decided it was well past time to leave this foul place. Unfortunately for us, Darien was in no condition to fight, and Val needed to concentrate on her magic to open a portal out of there.

Darien trapped like a fly

Which meant that it was yet again up to me to use my blades to protect those around me. As soon as Val started her ritual, the mobs of Mephala started to crawl out of the woodwork. One by one the awful things died upon my daggers in a scene that may provide me many a sleepless night in the future.

This went on for what felt like a set of eternities. And then she was was done. The portal open, and our way home secured.

Leaving the Spiral Skein

We arrived in Arteum safe and sound with Darien off to the healers. I hope his recovery goes quickly so he can repair the Dawnbreaker as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I shall reflect on my adventures.

Tiberious Maximillion III